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Movie Ratings

Wildly popular website recognized as the most reliable, objective, content-based alternative to the confusing MPAA ratings. (Forgive the self-serving blather, but of course you know all that since you're here. Right?)

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)
Hollywood's political lobbying group and overall representative also provides the ubiquitous movie ratings used by movie theaters and the media.

Canadian-based website that offers well-articulated subjective reviews. We have no formal relationship with each other, but we link to their reviews for parents who would like a subjective assessment; in turn, they link to our reviews for parents who would prefer objective reviews.

Reliable website that provides objective reviews like ours. Splits assessments in numerous categories, including things like "Scary Music," etc.

Reviews and ratings are from a strictly biblical perspective, with emphasis on the Ten Commandments.

Christian movie review site associated with James Dobson's political, cultural and lifestyle organization, family.org.

Movie Information & Reviews

Review hub that provides movie ratings determined by a survey of notable critical opinion. Each critics' ratecard illustrates the national critical consensus in one glance and provides links for readers who want to explore individual reviews further. [Also published by Critics Inc.]

The most complete movie reference in our solar system.

Yahoo Movies
The popular portal's attempt to do IMDb one better.

Very comprehensive, no-nonsense and straight-to-the-point review hub that lists links to many critics' reviews, both prominent and obscure, without comment or favor.

DVD Coverage

Leading online guide to DVDs, that originally started covering laserdiscs in 1993. While MediaScreen.com does cover prominent Hollywood features, it also specializes in covering art, foreign and obscure titles. [Also published by Critics Inc.]

The Digital Bits
One of the first sites to actively promote DVDs as a viable format, it is a good source of in-depth reviews, news and commentary relating to DVD and video.

DVD File
One of the most comprehensive sites in terms of reviews, it is a veritable database of DVD information. The reviews are thorough and the coverage ranges from popular titles to more esoteric stuff.

Widescreen Review
Leading home video magazine that specializes in cutting edge (i.e. very expensive) home-theater systems.

Movie Studios

A&E Television
Buena Vista
Castle Rock
Columbia TriStar
Dimension Films
Fine Line Features
First Look Pictures
Fox Searchlight

Home Box Office
Lions Gate
Manga Entertainment
New Line Cinema
Strand Releasing
Twentieth Century Fox
Universal Pictures
Warner Brothers


All about driving, this site has something for everyone -- teens, parents, seniors, employers -- if it's about driving, it's here. And for residents of California, thanks to the information on this site, DMV tests are no longer something to fear. [Published by our copy editor, Bob Marlowe]

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